Conception & Realization

Siam MuayThai MMA Academy was born from the spirit and minds of like-minded people here in Phuket & Bangkok, who came together with vision and enthusiasm to create an accredited MuayThai Academy based on sound and traditional principles with an extended plan to open this as a community based project that is open to all people, locals and foreigners.

MuayThai is steeped in Thai tradition and culture, not only does it benefit the local Thai communities in Phuket & Thailand but is a key to facilitate sharing that culture internationally, learning from others experiences and teaching those who join us the Thai discipline and lifestyle of MuayThai.

The spirit of not only wanting to create an academy for fighters but also involving the local community, Thai, expats & visitors together in harmony and understanding all promoted by the academy.

With that vision one of our shareholders offered the now closed Butterfly & Insect Farm in Phuket Town on 7 Rai of land as an ideal location for the Academy. Together with our shareholders from Bangkok and the MuayThai Institute (Rangsit), work has now commenced on the renovation and construction of the site with a grand opening expected on the 24th July 2015.

Siam MuayThai Academy embraces other martial arts from around the world and in particular the Academy has incorporated MMA into one of the many services that will be offered.

However, its not all about combat and fighting although this is a core component of the Academy, after all our camp is a state of the art facility to train fighters throughout Thailand. In addition however the Academy  promotes a healthy lifestyle & fitness ethos that is reflected in the programs.

Siam MuayThai Academy welcomes the local community, schools and universities for sports, recreation, summer camps and light training programs.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Thai Academy is to hold true historically and culturally traditional MuayThai combat training and to keep the Thai spirit firmly rooted within the study, so this can be shared globally and internationally. Facilitated by a progressive approach that also embraces new learning from outside of Thailand that combines an academic and competitive “fighting” environment”.


The Vision of the Thai Academy is to continue traditional MuayThai training and to “open up” the Thai Fighting Camp for Mixed Martial Artists (MMA), Fitness and Sports enthusiasts.

Specifically to maintain regular fighters training but to also involve the local community of adults and children as well. In addition, university students and older non main stream fighters of all nationalities, genders, ages and religions are welcome to train and get fit in a safe competitive atmosphere.

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