Muay Thai Training & Cross Fitness

Known throughout the world as one of the best and most effective martial arts, Muay Thai Training fully embraces a wide range of physical and mental disciplines that improve both your body and mind.

To enhance your overall fitness we also combine the more traditional elements of Muay Thai with full body fitness and conditioning. So whether your looking for one of the most effective forms of fighting skills and would also like to tone and condition your body, Siam Mauy Thai Academy will deliver that in our purpose built training camp that has top notch accommodation and a huge range of facilities.


Siam Academy has its own top notch rooms with en suite facilities and a dorm. Free WiFi access throughout the camp. Located opposite our Serenity Garden. We also have a large selection of partner resorts and hotels nearby the Academy.

EAST meets WEST Restaurant

Our on site restaurant serves up scrumptious dishes of traditional Thai food, international and our signature east meets west combos. For those of you joining us and have meal plans pre aranged then we have already planned your nutritious cuisine to go hand in hand with your training schedule for maximum results.

Siam Muay Thai Academy Facilities

  • Muay Thai & MMA training areas & rings
  • BJJ Room
  • Yoga and Dance Studio
  • Olympic weights room
  • Fully equipped fitness gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Running track
  • Basketball
  • Cross Training / Functional Fitness
  • MT Masters Merchandise Shop
  • Health Screening
  • Personal Training

Muay Thai & Fitness Coaching

The Academy runs from 6.30am through to 10pm for training sessions and you’ll be able to take part in the agreed plan that we made for you on arrival. Bright and early everyday we start with warm ups on the running track to get your blood flowing and lungs open for the exhilarating day ahead. 

Skipping rope, shadow boxing will help to get your footwork agile for the combat training that includes bag work, punching, kicking, elbow strikes and more advanced Muay Thai training skills.

You get the opportunity to train in the ring with one of our trainers and also other students that are here with you getting a much better idea of what is actually involved in a Muay Thai combat bout.

Fitness Training

Cross fitness training consists of functional movements that are performed at a higher than normal intensity and is designed to take fitness to the next level. Cross fit exercises are structured so that the students are given a challenge to do a certain number of exercises and repetitions in a set amount of time based on their fitness levels. Our personal trainer will be with you every step of the way.