Thailand Gap Year Holidays

Join the adventure in amazing Thailand with a shot of adrenaline. Whether you want a weeks getaway or a months rush we’ve got the perfect location for your gap break. Phuket, the life and soul of Asia and a stunning tropical Island in the Andaman Sea with its sublime beaches, wild nightlife, deserted nearby islands and just a whole lot of fun!

We’ve got 4 programs that can be flexible in their length and offer you a real cultural and authentic Thai experience from our Academy and its facilities, additional links with network of outside adrenaline based activities, cultural visits or some real do good community work. But also lets not forget the serious beach time you’ll spend here!

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in South East Asia, don’t miss the real Thailand, its culture and traditions by passing straight through!

Get fit, learn authentic Muay Thai, condition your body, take part in cultural traditions and be enlightened to the 6 directions of Buddha!

Muay Thai Training & Cross Fitness

The traditional and ultimate method to get fit in Thailand. Train Muay Thai and cross fitness at our Academy. Get close to the culture and even closer to the action and way of life. This is not just a fitness inspired holiday but a grass roots Thailand cultural experience for both the guys and girls, you’ll be full immersed in our program and have regular beach training as well as our onsite facilities. If you really want to show off your prowess, you’ll also have ample opportunity to display your new found skills in the ring!

Fitness Bootcamp & Recreation Sports

Feel the burn at the fitness bootcamp. From 2 to 12 weeks with our state of the art facilities. With professional trainers and a real fitness environment you’ll be showing off that 6 pack in no time! The bootcamp experience provides all the latest programs and cross fitness training techniques, a great mael plan and some fantastic recreational activities at the camp including our outdoor swimming pool, 200 meter running track, basketball, futsol, badminton, volleyball, Cambodian football and some awesome beach training thrown in!

Ultimate Combat MMA Training

MMA, do you really want to learn the ultimate fighting techniques? We deliver and train you by qualified experts in MMA where you’ll learn the basic components that make up the all round fighting style of MMA. Grappling and ground work are a key skill to learn for top MMA fighters, submission holds, guard position, mount position, locks, sweeps, take downs, throws, escapes, and reverses that are the staple of good Jiu Jitsu. Combined with Muay Thai and western boxing you have the ultimate combat sport!